New Engineering Diversity Learning Resources at Engineering Pathway

TITLE DISCIPLINE Audience/Grade Author(s)
Creative Confidence: Cultivating the Mindset of Today's Innovators Design College Freshman - Continuing Education David Kelley
Team Dynamics Tutorial Teamwork College Freshman - Graduate
Student Competition Research Center All Science and Engineering 6 - College Sophomore Student Competition Research Project
Service-Learning - Student's Guide & Journal Community-based Service Learning 5 - College Senior Robert Schoenfeld
Engineering Education in the 21st Century Computer Engineering 11 - Continuing Education William A. Wulf
STEM-Related K-12 Outreach through High-Altitude Balloon Program Collaborations Earth Sciences 12 - Continuing Education Claude Kansaku
The Myth of the Individual: What Successful Technologists Really Do Computer Engineering Graduate - Professional Development Caroline Simard
Slides for Future for Engineering Education: Linking the Grand Challenges and Technical, Social, Political and Economic Leaders Engineering Ethics Graduate - Professional Development Robert Warrington
Karen Thole
Scott Danielson
Accelerating Change: Opening the path to better change management Computing Diversity College Freshman - Professional Development Karan Watson
National Security: Air Force STEM Workforce Challenges Engineering Education Research College Freshman - Graduate Natalie W. Crawford