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Reproduction: From Eugenics to Reproductive Technology Teaching - Course
(College Freshman - Graduate)
Life Sciences NEEDS
What was eugenics? Did it ever really go away? These questions are surprisingly hard to answer. Feminists, progressive activists, and historians of science have addressed these questions in very different ways. The answer matters  ... more
Ride, Sally Ride: A Pioneer Dies, But Her Inspiration Lives On Community - Blog
(11 - Continuing Education)
Aerospace Engineering NEEDS
Ms. article about special blog issue on Sally Ride. Excerpt: "Since America first saw Ride in her blue NASA jumpsuit, she has been the face of the “modern scientist”—an idol that more closely resembled girls and young women who we  ... more
"Engineers Who Happen to be Gay": Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students - Experiences in Engineering Reference - Educational Research Paper
(College Freshman - College Senior)
Engineering Education Research NEEDS
Abstract While much is known about the experiences of women and racial/ethnic minority students in engineering education, the experiences of lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) identifying students remain unstudied. This paper bre  ... more
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