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Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum Community - General
(College Freshman - Graduate)
Engineering Management NEEDS
"The Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum is a leading research institute in partnership with industry and the School of Engineering and Graduate School of Business at Stanford University that advances the theory and prac  ... more
Assessing the Potential for Supply Chain Environmental Impact Reductions Teaching - Lecture/Presentation
(College Sophomore - Professional Development)
Green Design and Sustainable Engineering Engineering and Business for Sustainability
Presentation slides given at the Sustainable Innovations Workshop, HP Labs, October 20, 2008.  ... more
Case Studies Teaching - Case Study
(Graduate - Graduate)
Industrial Engineering NEEDS
This website has 2 case studies: *Dynamic Modeling of a Supply Chain *From Bioterrorism to Natural Disasters  ... more
Sustainable Packaging Coalition Community - General
(College Freshman - Continuing Education)
Engineering Management CARES
The Sustainable Packaging Coalition is an industry working group inspired by cradle to cradle principles and dedicated to transforming packaging into a system that encourages economic prosperity and a sustainable flow of materials  ... more
The World is Flat - Video of MIT Interview of Thomas Friedman Teaching - Lecture/Presentation
(College Freshman - Continuing Education)
Business and Economics NEEDS
MIT President Emeritus Charles M. Vest introduces Thomans Friedman in this interview. "Chances are good that Bhavya in Bangalore will read your next x-ray, or as Thomas Friedman learned first hand, “Grandma Betty in her bathrobe”  ... more
Podcast: Learning to avoid the pitfalls in project management Teaching - Lecture/Presentation
(College Junior - Professional Development)
Engineering Management NEEDS
"The planning, execution, and completion of projects is a challenge for organizations in both the public and private sectors; projects that are either late or plagued with problems continue to make the news. In this interview, Pro  ... more
Envirofit Teaching - Project
(College Freshman - Graduate)
Community-based Service Learning NEEDS
Envirofit develops and disseminates products and services that address major environmental problems in the developing world. Established as a U.S. tax-exempt corporation, Envirofit utilizes initial donations and institutional sup  ... more
Institute of Operations Management Community - General
(College Senior - Continuing Education)
Industrial Engineering NEEDS
The Institute is the professional body for persons involved in Production Management, Supply Chain Management and Operations Management in manufacturing and service industries. The Institute's website aims to promote and disse  ... more
Why the World is Flat Reference - Article/Document
(College Freshman - Continuing Education)
Engineering Management NEEDS
Wired Magazine's interview with Thomas Friedman. "Friedman enlisted some impressive editorial assistance. Bill Gates spent a day with him to critique the theory. Friedman presented sections of the book to the strategic planning u  ... more
Global Production Chains and Sustainability Teaching - Case Study
(College Freshman - College Senior)
Design Center for Sustainable Engineering Electronic Library
Case study describing and analyzing technology, economic, and environmental issues associated with the global production chain for silicon and its applications in semiconductors, solar cells, and optical fiber.  ... more
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