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2010 - Includes Greenfoot and Dynamics Animations
2009 - Includes CATME/Team-Maker and SimSE
2008 - Includes Classroom Presenter
2007 - Includes Arcade, Jeliot 3 and JFLAP
2006 - Includes Web-based Center for Automated Testing (Web-CAT)
2005 - Includes Biological Information Handling: Essentials for Engineers and Pyro: Python Robotics
2004 - Includes Jeroo and MecMovies
2003 - Includes Electronics Curriculum and WSDOT-Pavement Guide Interactive
2002 - Includes Interactive Groundwater
2001 - Includes Demonstrations in Signals, Systems and Control
2000 - Includes West Point Bridge Designer and Project Links
1999 - Includes Engineering Graphics and Cracking Dams
1998 - Includes Della Steam Plant Case Study, MDSolids and Structural Engineering Visual Encyclopedia - University of New Hampshire
1997 - Includes Virtual Disk Drive Design Studio, The Electric Drill Stack: Case Study of the Black by & Decker CD 2000 Cordless Hand Drill and Bicycle Dissection and Mars Navigator: An Interactive CD Program about Mars, Aerospace Engineering, Astronomy, and JPL Mars Missions

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