Premier Award

2012 Premier Award for Excellence in Engineering Education Courseware
The Premier Award competition is open to a wide range of submissions of high-quality, engaging, non-commercial learning innovations designed to enhance engineering education. Submissions for 2012 are due by July 13, 2012, and the Premier Courseware will be announced at the Frontiers In Education Conference to be held October 3-6 in Seattle, WA.

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Premier Courseware of 2011: M-Model8

Engineering Pathway is proud to announce that M-Model8 has been named the Premier Courseware of 2011!

M-Model8: An Online Homework Tool for Engineering Mechanics, by Edward Anderson of Texas Tech University, is a full simulation of traditional engineering mechanics homework solutions including free-body diagram construction, known/unknown variables listing and mathematical modeling. M-MODEL8 is an open-ended system that utilizes an intelligent tutor, hints/tips, error checking, grading, iteration and repeated solutions to motivate students, help them practice in-depth thinking, develop their problem solving skills, cause them to reflect and help them develop intellectually. M-MODEL8 goes beyond other homework systems that are linear, rote process that relies upon multi-choice, short answer, pair matching and etc. user interactions and the dictums of the problem designer. M-MODEL8 includes a problem authoring tool that individual instructors may use to modify the provided problems to their tastes and create their own problems.

Past Premier Awards
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