Publish Your Curriculum

There are two ways you can contribute your K-12 resources to the Engineering Pathway:

Link your online K-12 resource to EP
If your engineering curriculum is already online, you can include it as part of the Engineering Pathway by submitting some information about it, including a link to the resource.  Once submitted, that information becomes part of the database examined when anybody searches the Engineering Pathway.  To submit, first create an Engineering Pathway “My Workspace” account, click here and follow the instructions.

Publish your K-12 engineering curriculum in TeachEngineering
If you have original K-12 engineering lessons, activities or complete units you would like to publish online as part of the Engineering Pathway, you can submit them for inclusion in the TeachEngineering digital library collection. To facilitate the extensive TeachEngineering search capabilities, curricular submissions must be in a standardized format. Click here for more details.