Accreditation and Curricula

For Engineering Educators interested in developing curricula and applying for accreditation

What is ABET?
ABET, Inc. is the recognized accreditor for college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology. It is a federation of 30 professional and technical societies representing thes fields. Among the most respected accreditation organizations in the U.S., ABET has provided leadership and quality assurance in higher education for over 70 years. In 2000, ABET led the effort for curricular reform.

For more information about ABET, see ABET's FAQs. For an overview of ABET's A-K Curriculum, see the Foundation Coalition's A-K Resource. See the ABET Self-Study Inclusion Criteria for help identifying resources that contain potentially useful material in preparing for the ABET review process.

ABET Accreditation Requirements by Discipline

Engineer of 2020
The Engineer 2020 Written from the perspective of engineering practice, Phase I report focuses on the future of engineering, detailing the necessary characteristics of the engineer of 2020 and the ways in which the education and training of engineers must improve in order to ensure their ability to face the complexities future technologies hold.

The Phase II report of The Engineer 2020 focuses on the discussion of the action steps for changing and improving the education and training of engineers in order to ensure their ability to face the complexities future technologies hold.

"The Phase II report outlines 14 specific recommendations to change the way engineering education is approached, including encouraging participation in a coordinated national effort to promote public understanding of engineering and technology literacy of the public. This may make easier to solve what the NAE sums up as the major concern for the future of engineering: "The undergraduate engineering experience needs to be reshaped to attract students to the profession, prepare them to compete in the global marketplace, and ensure that America's pre-eminence in engineering is not lost..."

--National Acadamies June 23, 2005 press release "Engineers of Tomorrow Need Broader Training Today".

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